10 Things That Sell Well at a Car Boot Sale

You recently took a look around your house and saw the items piled high in every closet and little nook. You’ve thought about it for years and now you are finally ready to bring some of these treasures to the local car boot and get rid of them for good.

If you are anything like the average person in the UK, you probably have a large and overwhelming assortment of items you have collected over the years. Car boots are great ways to get rid of those small things that take up room and are not very valuable. You may even make a nice profit if you do things right.

Car Boot Sales

Selling at a car boot is all about strategy, and the first key is bringing the right items with you. It is easy to do this when you know your customer. People go to a car boot for a deal, so it’s in your best interest to bring the cheaper items they came for – not your heirloom jewelry.

Think about the kinds of things that someone at a car boot may want to walk away with. Knowing what you are looking for will make the preparation stage much easier. This list has some of the best things to sell at car boot.

10 Things That Sell

1) Toys: Car boots are a great place for families to gather at and spend the afternoon shopping. Invariably, a toy will catch a child’s eye and the parent will pay almost anything to get them to stop talking about it.

Kids are not the only ones on the lookout for toys. You may have an old shabby toy somewhere that looks like garbage to you, but for the right person, it’s a nostalgic time portal.

2) Clothing: Vintage clothing is very valuable for today’s shoppers. Some people see it as an opportunity to own something that no one around them will have. With the recent backlash to fast fashion trends, other people see it as a more sustainable option to protest a wasteful industry.

And some people just want a good deal on clothing. Baby clothing is a great example of something that is costly in stores and is only used for a short time. If you have unique or niche pieces, you can get a lot of buyers for that as well.

3) Jewelry: Costume jewelry was made to be sold at a car boot. It is cheap to buy initially and it is always in demand. Even if you feel like your jewelry has stopped being trendy, someone out there will find a use for it. With its small size, low cost, and ability to catch the eye, it is an easy thing to push.

4) Tools: Almost no one wants to buy tools new if they don’t have to. The new options are often very expensive and, if kept in good condition, the used variety will do the exact same job.

Chances are you have a lot of these lying around, especially if you have recently upgraded. Small repair tools and gardening accessories are perfect items to bring with you, as long as they work well.

5) Household Goods: If you have recently invested in a new set of dishes or tree ornaments, you have a great opportunity to sell your old, non-descript wares at the car boot. These are great sellers for students or new homeowners. You may even get some interest from someone like a mosaic artist who wants an affordable alternative to the pre-packaged ceramic tiles.

6) Small Gadgets: Electronic devices that you don’t have any more use for are always in demand, especially phones. The key is to stay small. It saves you some room and people are more likely to buy something they can easily carry away.

Cameras and watches are also good options. The older versions can be collectible. They also tap into the recent desire for a more analog experience as a backlash to the digital world.

7) Furniture: This is another expensive item that people are always looking for a cheaper version of. It doesn’t even have to be in stellar condition. Many people are looking for a low-cost option that they can turn into a weekend project. Think about chairs, side tables, or small desks – anything that would be easy to load into your car.

8) Books: If you have a good collection of books you are looking to get rid of, you are likely to make some sales at a car boot. It can be difficult to sell new books today. People tend to read them only once or twice and the cost for one is increasing with the shrinking market. Readers like to spend less when they can, and if the price is right they may walk off with a nice stack of material.

9) Toiletries: You might think that no one wants to buy someone else’s lotions and perfumes, but this way of thinking does not exist at a car boot. The mindset is to get more for less. Even used bottles can move exceptionally well.

10) Music & Movies: Digital media has seemingly killed off its physical counterparts: CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, and records. Not at the car boot. Here you can easily sell the heap that has been collecting dust in your basement. Many of these formats are gaining the status of being collectible, making them even more sought after.

Think Local

These are just a few of the items you can sell at your local car boot, but the key is to be imaginative. While a generic list can give ideas, it’s also helpful to think about where you live. Are there items that might do especially well locally as opposed to at other places? And which items won’t do well here at all?

You probably will not be making serious money at a car boot, but that does not mean it’s a waste of time. Think of it as a way to make space in your home and make some extra pocket change in the process. You might be surprised by what your trinkets mean to someone else.


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