How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

The internet often gets a bad rap, and for good reason. It can be a gathering place for the dregs of society. It’s a natural home for scammers to operate their scams given their are almost an unlimited number of potential targets.

Even so, when the internet is good, it is very good. One of the best side-effects of the digital world being integrated into every facet of society, is the increased potential to make money. If you put enough effort in, you can find yourself making some serious side-cash. Some people even make their livings from their digital personas.

Make Money Online

This probably sounds too good to be true. People are swindled every day into getting involved with some scheme that promised to make them money but somehow cost them. Not every side-hustle works for every person. Some endeavors require time or special skills. Everyone has something to offer, though – even if it’s as simple as being willing to wait in line for someone’s lunch.

Your first task is to assess your own skills and what you’re willing to do. One of the best make-money online schemes, is to become a freelance writing given the demand. That said, if you cannot type fast, you’re going to have a tough-time writing enough content to make money.

Below’s list of how to make money online without paying anything is a starting point. Its not a comprehensive list, and some will require additional effort, but it has a realistic option for everyone who is looking to make money online, without paying upfront.


Being able to write is a great transferable skill for the web. You may have heard the rumors that the publishing industry is in danger and writing careers are not safe. But writing to make money is alive and well digitally. And it doesn’t have to be a career choice.

There are several options as a writer. If you feel like you have a book to write or even a short how-to guide on something people care about, consider writing an eBook. Self-publishing is simple with websites like Amazon.

If it’s a unique topic that people care about, you can make some money from your publication. You also won’t be the first one to do this, which means tons of resources exist to guide you through the process. Later, turn that eBook into an Audiobook and double down on your idea.

Freelance Writer

If writing books is not for you, how about hiring yourself out as a freelance writer. Blogs are looking for guest bloggers and companies want people who can market their wares. You can even write letters for people who don’t have the time. With all of the different ways to write, the opportunities are nearly endless.

The easiest way to find a paid writing project is to head over to or and start bidding on work. Like many freelance positions, you need to build your reputation, which will take some time. Once you do, the possibilities are endless, and most importantly, you’ll be able to charge what you want, rather than having to bid on work.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If writing is not your thing, possibly you can develop a more inspiration skill such as graphic design or photoshop editing. Both are currently in high demand due to the number of new websites that are being developed, or content that it being written each week.

Websites like allow you to bid on freelance graphic design work and develop your business. While not completely free, you can also start work as a freelancer on sites like Upwork for under $5, filtering job posts by the skills you have to offer.

Online Market Research

If you don’t have writing or graphic design skills, it doesn’t mean that you cannot work online, you just need think a little further afield. Online market research that survey your opinion on a company’s products. For 30 minutes a day of your time, you can make anywhere between £50 and £200. It won’t pay for your next vacation but it could cover your coffee habit.

My favorite survey websites are I-Say and Swagbucks. Both work on a points system, where you earn between 5 and 250 points for each which can then be redeemed for vouchers. You typically need 1,380 points to get a £10 voucher.

Online Shopper

If you enjoy online shopping, how about making money from companies doing market research is to become a mystery shopper. Apps like iShopFor Ipsos and Market Force ask you to go to a certain store and perform tasks – simple things like taking photographs or asking employees questions.

Once you have finished your tasks, you can go home and write up a report on everything you observed. These simple observations give the company valuable research and get you paid. Sticking with it will help you to gain a reputation and earn more money over time.

Odd Task Manager

A lot of people are willing to pay other people to do things for them. In these scenarios, time is literally money. There are quite a few apps where people will pay you to mount a shelve, stand in line, or anything in between. You don’t need a lot of learned skills for this one.

Niche Interests

Maybe you are willing to put in the extra effort to get a larger payout. The internet is full of people with a niche interest who have developed a significant following and built their brands. This has become a popular way for companies to advertise.

The formats for this kind of work are endless. If photos are more your thing, try Instagram. Post videos on Youtube and put your writing on a blog. The only requirement is that you have a message people want to hear and are willing to put the time in to turn it into something.

Even people with a micro-following can get advertisers to pay attention. In some cases, small passionate communities make more sense for companies to market to. Sponsored posts, affiliate links, and display ads are legitimate sources of revenue.

Selling Online

If you have a few extra things lying around in your house that no one uses anymore, think about selling it on a website like eBay. Cameras, vintage t-shirts, a used laptop – they can all turn a profit. This is the classic situation of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure.

Online Trading

Share dealing and trading can seem out of reach for most people, but the internet has made it very accessible for beginners. Some online broker websites are built for that purpose, requiring no minimum on your account and educating you on how investing works. Once you feel more confident, you can choose to move on to something with a bigger payoff.

Rent A Room

If you have a home or space to offer to others, consider becoming an Airbnb renter. The advantage of doing this is that you can make the experience what you want it to be. You can offer cheap rent without the bells and whistles, or you can upgrade the experience and charge a bit more.

Online Teacher

Some of the skills you employ for your job or that you have an educational background with could help you make an extra dollar. People will pay good money for a consultant, and you don’t have to have a brick-and-mortar office to offer your services. Use the internet to start marketing yourself and meeting new clients.

Virtual Assistant

You can also offer virtual professional services. Company executives and business people might be in search of someone who can help manage their calendar or book their travel. The only prerequisite for this kind of position is that you are organized and attentive. These assistant jobs could only take a few hours out of your day.

You can also use the internet to provide virtual tutoring. Especially in the age of COVID-19, people are desperate for a way to get an education for their kids or themselves without having to leave their home.

Final Thoughts

This list could go on even further with all of the opportunities available on the web. The best part is that experience is not always a requirement. Hopefully, at the very least you will walk away inspired to try something new and add to your skills – and your wallet. is written by David Jacobs who is on a quest to retire early and get out of the rat race. David is a financial expert who lives for early retirement. Follow his journey making money, saving and investing to retire early and get the best out of his retirement.

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