Adventure Capitalists – Brazil

Theo Paphitis present this fascinating insight into the Brazilian Economy and follows three British companies that are trying to succeed in the one the fastest growing and most exciting markets in the world. In this Financial Documentary, Theo travels across Brazil through Sao Paulo across the heart of the sugar cane country and in the glamorous Rio De Janeiro to help three companies including the world famous Cadbury Chocolate as it tries to enter the Brazilian Chocolate Market.

This documentary gives a fantastic insight into the difficulties faced by companies as they enter the Brazilian market.  Take Cadbury for example, how is it meant to sell chocolate into a country where its 50 degrees in the Summer.

Theo Paphitis Present Adventure Capitalists – Brazil is written by David Jacobs who is on a quest to retire early and get out of the rat race. David is a financial expert who lives for early retirement. Follow his journey making money, saving and investing to retire early and get the best out of his retirement.

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